Why to Choose Terzaghi Training?

Increase Your Potential and calibre

Terzaghi Training Services offers the top-notch training and helps you get the most out of your investment.

We provide complete training and guidance to the budding engineers to excel in the necessary technical knowledge, competency skills and to face the challenges in professional jobs across the industries with a strategically approach.

“ Our services to the students is to analyse, propellant their competence skills to reach high levels of the career in the technology industry. ”

Intensive classroom support and program

We offer intensive classroom coaching employing comprehensive modern techniques to sharpen the competitive skills of students and to heighten knowledge through their Periodical tests, presentations, review, mock tests and much more are conducted that acquaints students with the examination methodology.


  • We are training specialists, who are authentic, focused and inspirational educators.
  • Our mentors have ample academic knowledge and industrial exposure in training and guiding engineers towards professional jobs in private and government sectors.
  • Our trainers are equipped with knowledge and skills in academics, the field of research and in employment across all domains of the industry.

“ Equipping the best and intelligent mind with the suitable skills and knowledge is critical to obtain success in our progressively ambitious and complicated industries. Playing a major part is both immensely satisfying and incredibly motivating. ”

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“ Our trainers are nourished with enriched knowledge in academic and in the field of research of employment across all domains of the industry. ”

Well-researched and comprehensive study materials

Terzaghi Institute houses an eminent R&D team that continuously revises and updates the revision material in regular interval to be in line with the pattern of examination.

Assessment of Performance

Student’s performance is assessed by professionals who help students in getting aware of their strengths and weakness and ways to upgrade their performance.

Training Delivery Methodology

We work closely with our student’s competitive skills and the industrial standards in the field of civil engineering to ensure the style of delivery for each course compliments the wide variety of individual and professional experience as well as the cultural diversity of our clients around Tamil Nadu.

To explore and focus on facing interviews with nourished competitive skills, students will be made to learn the technical concepts using techniques like

Mind mapping

  • Visual thinking tool to structure information, analyse and organise a lot of data for efficient learning.
  • Creative way to organise thoughts. Images and words together are more engaging to our brains.
  • Brains work by connecting one idea to the next and the next and the next, etc. Mind mapping thoughts will help to see the whole picture.
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best upsc IES coaching in chennai for electrical engineering


  • Generate large number of ideas from a group to find different solutions for a specific problem
  • Helps to resolve competitive exams quickly

Online tests

  • Learning Index indicates your preparation at overall, subject and topic level.
  • Cumulative graphical analysis of all the tests, Question-wise, topic-wise, subject-wise quantitative performance of the student in comparison to their peers
  • Student can review themselves to overcome weaknesses, maximize strengths and add to growth by learning index provided.
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Animated videos

  • We flourish the basic knowledge of engineering students by visualising the concepts and understanding the concepts more practically during the sessions by
  • Triggers cognitive skills in understanding the concepts
  • Enhance understanding the subject matter applications oriented

Infrastructures & other Amenities

  • Ergonomic seating
  • Library facilities
  • 24*7 good study environment
  • Ever available faculties for your queries and doubts
  • Employment news/ Magazines/ Newspapers for updates
  • Guest lectures, interactive sessions with industrial people
  • Meets and discussion with fruitful candidates of Terzaghi
  • Easy reachability from Metro/ Sub urban/ Bus stop
  • Well-equipped classrooms